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tokyo pinsalocks
Sentimental Metal Chair

Review by David Cirone


With their unique blend of deep-bass-and-fuzz-filter infused new wave electro-pop, tokyo pinsalocks have always been in a class by themselves. Sometimes trippy, sometimes mellow, and sometimes downright dance-worthy, their new album Sentimental Metal Chair comes along at a special time for the band. The absence of longtime drummer Reiko and the sudden discovery of vocalist/keyboard mistress Naoko’s pregnancy right before recording led the band to scrap their planned concept and create songs that reflected this transition.

As a result, the songs on Sentimental Metal Chair don’t glide together as seamlessly as Planet Rita or Plutionium EP, but it’s a fun bouquet of flowers assembled along the way. High-energy is always a constant for tokyo pinsalocks, and opening tracks “Cinderella Time Up” and “You know my GOLD” are going to feel familiar to long-time fans.

“Delicious and Dangerous Sugar” is a dreamy, subdued mid-album departure, and the acoustic guitar on “Little Seed” caught me by surprise — we haven’t heard this warm (dare I say “analog”) sound from tokyo pinsalocks before, and it’s a worthwhile departure to match the song’s reflective lyrics. “$1,000,000” closes out the EP with the Naoko’s refrain of “It makes me happy, it makes me crazy…” and a thick, super-low bass line from Hisayo. Naoko cuts loose on the keyboard here, and the exciting flare of daring humor and feminine bite in “$1,000,000” made me hit repeat instantly.

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