BRATS song featured in new Japanese film Slaveman

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Brats Rei Kuromiya Slavemen Nounai Shoukyo Game

Japanese girls band BRATS (featuring Rei Kuromiya of LADYBABY/The Idol Formerly Known As) will contribute the song “Nounai Shoukyo Game” (“Brain Erase Game”) to the soundtrack of the upcoming Japanese film Slaveman, directed by Noboru Iguchi (Machine Girl, Robogeisha, Prison School).

“Nounai Shoukyo Game” is the second new BRATS song to be announced this year, following their recent release of “Ainikoiyo” (“Come see me”), the opening theme for the animated series To Be Hero.

“I still can’t believe our song is being used in a movie. I can’t get over it,” BRATS vocalist Rei commented. “I think the song and the film ended up being the perfect match.”

Rei’s older sister, BRATS bassist Aya, added “I was glad that the song fit so well with the content. I really wish we could make a music video of this song. I want to do this kind of thing again, for sure.”


BRATS’ excitement was matched by the film’s director, Iguchi. “The trailer of Slaveman has finally been released! In the era of social media, Slaveman is the world’s first ‘selfie-taking hero’ and ‘reality-dissing hero.’ You will enjoy many scenes of Yuichi Nakamura taking handsome selfies! The theme song by the hot girls band BRATS is super cute and destructive at the same time. It has a huge impact!”

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Brats Rei Kuromiya Slavemen Nounai Shoukyo Game

Rei Kuromiya (vocals) (16 years old)
Aya Kuromiya (bass) (18 years old)
Hinako (guitar) (20 years old)

BRATS formed in August 2011 when Rei Kuromiya, who has been a junior idol since she was 8 years old, became a vocalist at the age of 10. Rei’s sister Aya Kuromiya plays the bass, and Aya’s friend Hinako plays the guitar. Rei Kuromiya was chosen as “Miss iD 2015” at an idol contest hosted by Koudansha in September, 2014, and her popularity increased when she joined the idol group “LADYBABY” with Rie Kaneko (Miss iD 2015 Gran Prix) and cross-dressing performer Ladybeard. After Ladybeard left the group, Rei formed a new unit “The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY” with Rie Kaneko. BRATS released the song “14-sai byou” (“14-year old disease”) in 2015, produced by URBANGARDE’s Temma Matsunaga. Their song “Ainikoiyo” (“Come see me”) was released in 2016 as the opening theme for the anime series To Be Hero.