Kamen Joshi sets idol industry record with 3 million Facebook followers



Japanese underground idols Kamen Joshi achieved a social media milestone this week by surpassing 3 million Facebook followers. The masked idols from Akihabara currently hold the highest count of Facebook followers among all Japanese idol groups, and hitting the 3 million mark places them among the most popular of all Japanese entertainers.

Kamen Joshi, who perform over 1000 live shows yearly, have contributed the opening theme for the anime Cheating Craft and were recently named official ambassadors for Akihabara Tourism. Last month they announced a new trainee unit SURIJIE, and their fourth official unit Easter Girls will make their performance debut on December 31 in Osaka.


KAMEN JOSHI “Follow Me” introduction video


Featured Kamen Joshi performer Erina Kamiya also contributed to the group’s popularity by setting YouTube records last month with her video channel debut and walking the red carpet for her starring role in Umi ni nose ta Gazu no yume (“Gaz’s Dreams on the Sea”) at the 4th New Movie Director’s Film Festival.


Anna Tachibana (Kamen Joshi center) responded to the news: “Facebook is worldwide, and now we’ve reached 3 million followers! We did it! Thank you all so much, I’m very honored! I’m surprised, too, but mostly I’m full of happy feelings — I’m happy that people from not only Japan but from outside of Japan are supporting us and I know because of that, the possibility of Kamen Joshi performing overseas has become even greater. We’ll keep updating our activities and sharing our hard work with all of you, and we’re so grateful for your messages of support. Keep watching us! We’re going to surprise you!”


Nodoka Sakura (Kamen Joshi leader) added: “I’m so happy to know we’ve achieved 3 million likes! Thank you to everyone who reads our posts and supports us. Kamen Joshi has performed abroad in Asia, but we want to reach even more countries and do live performances in every part of the world. Please wait for us, we’ll come to see you soon!”

KAMEN JOSHI “Genkidane” Music Video (#1 on Oricon Chart)


Kamen Joshi (“Masked Girls”) are Akihabara’s True Underground Idols! The attractive members of Kamen Joshi wear masks to conceal their faces while giving over-the-top, extreme stage performances accented by amazing props and costumes, stage diving, and headbanging.

With over 1,000 performances per year, Kamen Joshi has brought landmark achievements to the idol world:
• 3 million Facebook followers (highest number in the idol genre)
• First independent female artist to achieve number 1 on Oricon Singles chart
• Performances at Saitama Super Arena and Budokan
• Official Ambassador of Tourism for Akihabara
• Japan Ministry of Justice Ambassador for Public Relations

Spawned from performers who were rejected by other agencies, Kamen Joshi includes four separate groups with their own distinct images and sounds – Alice Juban (horror), Steam Girls (steampunk), Armor Girls (medieval), and Easter Girls (ska).

In an era where an idol’s identity is synonymous with her looks, the girls of Kamen Joshi rebel against the rules of the entertainment world to establish a new generation of idols. They are rising up with the support of their fans to find revenge in success. Without perfect performances or relying on “kawaii” looks, Kamen Joshi breaks boundaries with hardcore, high-energy performances and wild, unpredictable staging.

Kamen Joshi HP (English): http://www.alice-project.biz/kamenjoshi/en
Kamen Joshi Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kamenjoshi
Kamen Joshi Twitter: https://twitter.com/J_Kawaii_Girls
Kamen Joshi Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kamenjoshi