Perfume announces international dance contest



To commemorate the release of the new album LEVEL3, Perfume proudly announces the launch of Perfume Dance Contest!
Final round will take place at Mielparque Tokyo Event Hall on October 26th (Sat).

Applicants can choose from 2 categories. One is “KIWAMI: Ultimate copy of Perfume dance” where contestants show off their perfect copy of Perfume dance moves.

Another category is “SOU: Combination of your original dance and copy” where contestants combine their original dance moves with Perfume’s moves.

In addition, with high demands from the overseas fans, new “International” category will newly be available for fans residing outside of Japan.
From unexpected unique dance moves to ultimate copies, Perfume members, staffs as well as all the fans are waiting for you to participate!
Send in your videos and show your LEVEL3!!!

Information, rules, and demonstration videos: