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Koda Kumi is one of the most successful artists to bring authentic Western beats and urban lyrics to the Japanese music scene — topping the charts again and again with top-level dance jams and choreography to solidify her “Pop Diva” status. Check out her best dance songs, primed for high-volume playback — available worldwide on iTunes & Spotify.

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Hush (digital single 2017)
“I bring the fire // You gotta ring, gotta ring, gotta ring the alarm”

Love Me Back (from “Japonesque” 2012)
“Diamonds and sapphires and you — oh my!”

Touchdown (from “Summer Trip” 2013)
“And you gotta get me body baby whoever you are”

Crank Tha Bass (from “Bon Voyage” 2014)
“How ya like me now, turn ‘n, turn ‘n it out // Kamashite, Booty go pow”

Ultraviolet – Yamato & DMD Remix (from “Driving Hits 7” 2017)
“Gonna live it up, live it up till the sun’s out // Get ready for the night, ready, ready for the night”

Pop Diva (from “Dejavu” 2011)
“I hope you got it that I’m somebody // I need nobody”

Black Cherry (from “Kingdom” 2008)
“Rock the party Work your body // Turn the bass up get my groove on”

Taboo (from “Trick” 2009)
“Baby come wit’ me // I’m a show you something you’ve never seen before”

Ecstasy (from “3 Splash” 2009)
“Sexy ni every night mau like a honey bee”

W Face (from “W Face -outside-” 2017)
“Yes bitch, Yes bitch, Yes bitch… slay

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BONUS TRACKS (because 10 just isn’t enough)

Money in My Bag (from “Hotel” 2014)
“I want that thing thing thicker than thin…”

XXX (from “Dreaming Now!” 2013)
“Listen to me boy, bad girl in the club wanna have fun // The boys want bad girls”

Physical Thing (from “Alive/Physical Thing” 2009)
“You see me, I see you // It’s easy, Keep it real simple”

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