BAND-MAID / BAND- MAIKO – secret MAIKO lips (MV)



BAND-MAID takes April Fools pranks to a whole new level with a special MV released April 1st. Re-branding themselves on their website and social media as “BAND-MAIKO”, the band delivers a new look and style for their previously-released track “Secret My Lips”. The new version — “secret MAIKO lips” — features a fusion of rock with traditional Japanese instruments that would even make Wagakki Band proud.

BAND-MAIKO’s alternate identities are:
Miku (gt.) as Hatoko
Saiki (vo.) as Fujiki
Kanami (gt.) as Kanoemi
Misa (ba.) as Umemisa
Akane (dr.) as Akatuki


BAND-MAID Website: