GARNiDELiA and Eir Aoi stripped-down KILL la KILL themes featured in upcoming box set

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Fans of Studio Trigger’s hit anime series KILL la KILL will get to set their Blu-ray players on endless replay for the super-cool and hyper-fashionable textless opening themes by GARNiDELiA (“ambiguous”) and Eir Aoi (“sirius”) when Aniplex of America’s newly-announced complete box set arrives December 24.

The KILL la KILL Complete Blu-ray Box Set will arrive Christmas Eve in the U.S., Canada, and Central and South Americas. The set will include five Blu-ray discs containing all 24 episodes plus an unaired 25th episode, along with web version previews, textless openings and endings, as well as an exclusive “KILL la KILL Digest -Naked Memories by Aikuro Mikisugi-” animation.

GARNiDELiA – “Ambiguous” (KILL la KILL 2nd OP)

Presented with brand new, exclusive cover art by Director Hiroyuki Imaishi, all twenty-five episodes in the Complete Blu-ray Box Set come with English and Japanese audio and English and Spanish subtitles. The series was originally released in 2013 and produced by Studio TRIGGER (Little Witch Academia, DARLING in the FRANXX) as their debut as an animation studio. The music was produced by acclaimed composer Hiroyuki Sawano (Blue Exorcist, ALDNOAH.ZERO).

Eir Aoi – “sirius” (KILL la KILL 1st OP)

KILL la KILL Complete Blu-ray Box Set includes:

Disc Specs
Spoken Languages: Japanese & English
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Aspect ratio: 16:9 widescreen
Episodes: 1-24 + 25 (unaired episode)
Number of Disc: 5 Blu-ray Discs
Total Run Time: approx. 600 min.
Rating: 16 UP

Bonus Content
Textless Openings & Endings
Web Version Previews
KILL la KILL Digest -Naked Memories by Aikuro Mikisugi-
* Bonus content subject to change.
* Bonus content include English subtitles

Bonus Materials & Package
New Exclusive Cover Art by Director Hiroyuki Imaishi
* Bonus content subject to change.