Sokoninaru’s first full album Choetsu set for release October 7


Sokoninaru Choetsu

Sokoninaru will release their first full album Choetsu on October 7. The CD features their latest track “Lament Moment” and a new recording of the single “complicated system”, with 7 more songs built on the band’s trademark unpredictable structure and frenetic quick-change riffs. “White for” is a special treat, with lead vocals by bassist Misaki, a follow up to her performance on “Mou nidoto modorenai ano koro ni” from the band’s second EP Yaminabe.

The Japanese limited edition of Choetsu comes with a live concert DVD recorded in June 2019 at Shindaita FEVER. In addition, a special international edition will be released by JPU Records including two bonus tracks and a 20-page book with English and Romaji lyrics.

Sokoninaru – “Lament Moment” (MV)

Sokoninaru – Choetsu
Rel. 10/7/2020
1. Lament moment
2. Mirage
3. complicated system -new system ver.-
4. avoided absence
5. Tenbin no ue de
6. Kyokugen wa setsuna
7. Eien no sabaku
8. white for
9. black to

Regular Edition
Sokoninaru Choetsu regular

Limited Edition
Sokoninaru Choetsu limited

Choetsu – DVD preview

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