Best J-Pop J-Rock covers 2019

Best J-Pop/J-Rock Album Covers 2019

Check out J-Generation′s best J-Pop and J-Rock album/single jackets of 2019, chosen by David Cirone, Michelle Minikhiem, Marc Bowie, and Nhu Nguyen.

David: All the swagger and double the flowers give BAND-MAID’s CONQUEROR the perfect image to balance the band’s hard rock persona and tongue-in-cheek self-characterization. You can’t expect band found Miku Kobato to take herself too seriously, pigeon coos and all.

MIYAVI – No Sleep Till Tokyo
Michelle: A cover as ephemeral and dreamlike as the artist himself as he continues to demonstrate to the world what an excellent human being he is.
MIYAVI No Sleep Till Tokyo

Hiromi Uehara – Spectrum
Nhu: Dressed in monochrome, the cute, dainty and talented pianist Hiromi Uehara pops out against the vibrant background and colorful balloons. She’s surrounded by seemingly random objects like a key, piano chair and airplane — it’s a “Spectrum” of colors and ideas.
Hiromi Uehara Spectrum

Marc: The sturm and drang sound of The NOVEMBERS alt-rock may not always be heavenly, but the cover of ANGELS might make you think they’re a bunch of choir boys.

Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders – Wakage ga Itaru
David: A subversive and elegant mood created once again by the four-member performance unit portrays the group as beautiful flowers waiting to be trampled underfoot in the morning rush of a Tokyo intersection, most likely by the very salarymen who adore them.
Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders Wakage ga Itaru

Michelle: Reimagining imagery from his first solo album in order to rebrand himself for his first release in over ten years, the Adam and Eve symbolism is evocative, just like the messages found in the songs inside.

Unmei Kosaten – Kotodama wo Okasuru
Nhu: Unmei Kosaten’s dark, magical and mysterious first album cover “Kotodama wo Okasuru” is like a peek into someone’s dream as goldfish swim – not in water but in the air – around a female holding a parasol who seems to conjure their presence.
Unmei Kosaten Kotodama wo Okasuru

Mrs. GREEN APPLE – Attitude
Marc: Prog Rock rears its head again on Mrs. GREEN APPLE’s psychedelic yet pastoral cover for Attitude.
Mrs. GREEN APPLE - Attitude

Takanori Nishikawa – SINGularity
David: Your secret hopes are confirmed — the future looks exactly like Takanori Nishikawa, and no one’s complaining.
Takanori Nishikawa SINGularity

MUCC – Kowareta Piano to Living Dead
Michelle: It’s like Tim Burton and Jhonen Vasquez collaborated on a “Where’s Waldo?” — the chaotic illustration perfectly complements this concept album full of previously abandoned demos.
MUCC Kowareta Piano to Living Dead

Perfume – Perfume The Best “P Cubed”
Nhu: Perfume’s faces may be obscured by shadow and light, but you can tell by their silhouettes and poses that it’s going to be a fabulous time listening to their first greatest hits album.
Perfume the Best P Cubed

Cottelee (MAXIMUM THE HORMONE 2 Go! Ten / Koronanamoremomo) – Koi no Megaraba / Hocho Hasami Katter Knife Dosu Kiri
David: The cute alien on the cover is the least bonkers element of a head-f*&k of a release from the “franchise” of MAXIMUM THE HORMONE. Somewhere there a was a meeting where top execs said, “How can we market this heavy rock music to 3-year olds…?” Maybe.
COTTELEE Koi no Megaraba

Official HIGE DANdism – Traveler
Nhu: Official HIGE DANdism’s cover for Traveler is straightforward and universal: you can learn a lot through traveling, and not just by traditional means of driving or flying, but you can also travel through dreams, space, time… music and art!
Official HIGE DANdism Traveler