Screaming Sixties DVD on the Way



When it comes to energetic alt idol acts there are two that immediately come to mind, Guso Drop and Screaming Sixties. Well, one of the two is producing a DVD…. Screaming Sixties.

Over the last four months they have been on a mini tour to the three Club Quattro locations, Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. During the tour they have been backed by a live band, which for some reason is not 6% is Mine (their usual backing band).

It seems that they have made a tour DVD about the experience. Before last nights show they tweeted, talking about all the work that goes into getting ready to shoot the live footage.

According to the final tweet on the subject it seems to be a road movie with behind the scenes footage. It looks like it will include footage from the Tokyo show and from the tweet, footage from the Nagoya show as well. With a crew of 20 it seems to be a pretty big production. I for one can not wait for the release, I just hope there will be a Blu-Ray version.

Official Website:

Via: Straight From Japan