FAKY releases hot dance performance video “GIRLS GOTTA LIVE”


FAKY Girls Gotta LIve

Japanese dance/vocal group FAKY released their new music video “GIRLS GOTTA LIVE” on August 23, the first in a dance song trilogy based on the theme of “GIRLS POWER”.


Gaining fame worldwide for their powerful choreography and modern style, FAKY’s latest digital single continues to establish the group’s strength in the dance music genre. FAKY member Akina’s Instagram dance video received high praise from famed Los Angeles choreographer Matt Steffanina, and the group’s single “Surrender” ranked 7th in the Japan-US Spotify Viral Top 50.

With a slick urban beat reminiscent of 90s R&B, the music video was directed by Alexandra Gavillet, who led such talents as Billie Eilish and BLACK PINK, and choreographed by Galen Hooks, who has collaborated with Janet Jackson, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna.

FAKY Girls Gotta LIve

LISTEN: FAKY – “GIRLS GOTTA LIVE” (digital single)

FAKY debuted “GIRLS GOTTA LIVE” at their July 14 live concert in Brazil at “Anime Friends 2019”, the group’s first-ever South American live concert and the first overseas event for FAKY’s new lineup of Akina, Taki, Lil’Fang, Hina, and Mikako.

The first performance of “GIRLS GOTTA LIVE” in Japan was presented at the “a-nation 2019” concert in Aomori, and Canadian fans were treated to a preview of the song at “Otakuthon 2019” last week (August 16) in Montreal, building up international anticipation for the song’s release.
FAKY’s high-fashion look in the music video was created by two of Japan’s top stylists: RISA “ribbon” KATO (dance wardrobe) and TORI (hair/makeup) put the finishing touches on each member’s global-level image of unrestrained girl power.

Director Alexandra Gavillet, said, “FAKY is a group of five women who are multi-talented, genuine, and confident. The other members stayed close by when each girl shot her solos, and I was impressed by their sister-like unity. They are all very flexible and confident in their way of thinking, and this spirit is surely empowering to their fans. The members themselves actually live with the values of this song’s lyrics, and it was really fun to work with such a special group.”

FAKY Girls Gotta LIve

Galen Hooks, who choreographed the video, commented, “FAKY is full of fun. I felt they were energetic, courageous, and had their own style. Creating choreography to express empowerment was a lot of fun, and I think it’s a piece that feels strong, sexy, and full of infinite power. FAKY is sexy and feminine, they have very cool voices, and I think that if you listen to this song, you’ll definitely want to dance to it.”

FAKY Akina Girls Gotta Live
FAKY Taki Girls Gotta Live
FAKY Lil Fang Girls Gotta Live
Lil’ Fang
FAKY Hina Girls Gotta Live
FAKY Mikako Girls Gotta Live

FAKY profile
Since the group formed in 2013, their YouTube videos have reached over 7 million views from fans in over 120 countries. The members of FAKY are from diverse backgrounds but have come together in Tokyo to make not just J-Pop music, but a broad musicality combined with a mainstream sound. Five personalities giving you alternative girl pop from Tokyo!

Their music has also been featured in popular anime such as Black Clover (ED4), Cardfight!! Vanguard: Legion Mate-Hen, and Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue.

FAKY official site: https://faky.jp/sp/
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