Jun Amaki – Interview (2019) Pt. 2

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Jun Amaki
Interview by David Cirone
Part 2
November 29, 2019

Continuing our interview with gravure model and actress Jun Amaki, as we talk about her relationship with her fans, her transition from modeling to acting, and her resolutions on her 24th birthday.

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Jun Amaki

You recently had a fan event at Sofmap in Akihabara. It’s certainly not your first event there, but this one included a mini-performance.

Amaki: I sang a little, and I had some friends who joined me at the event. I wore a bathing suit and personally handed out some images to my fans. I also made a special pamphlet that contains some of my styling and cooking tips!

What’s the best part about doing fan events?

Amaki: When fans come to my events, I remind myself that this is not something they do as part of their everyday lives. They’re making special time in their schedules to come to meet me, so I never take it for granted. I’m able to do this work because of their support. When I see their smiles and the happy looks on their faces, I really feel like they’ve accepted me into their lives, so I feel a responsibility to them. It makes me want to work harder to keep up the quality of my work so I don’t ever let them down.

Jun Amaki

Because you’re a famous model, many people might not imagine you’re also just a normal girl. What do you think you have in common with your fans?

Amaki: Lately I see a lot of female fans coming to my events –- sometimes they’re underground idols, or seiyuu, or they’re aiming to become models themselves. And I think, “I used to be just like them,” checking Instagram and searching for ways I could do the same types of poses as the models I liked. In those moments, I’m the performer but at the same time I’m the fangirl who’s ready to work hard to realize my dream, so I feel such a strong connection to them. And the male fans, I identify with them, too. No matter what country they’re from, they like boobs, and I do too!

Jun Amaki Hop Step Jump

You gained one of your first acting roles in the Hop Step Jump! movies.What was your character like?

Amaki: This character, Sayaka Asahimura, is really upbeat. She’s the class leader who keeps the rules and she’s really good at communicating with others. It didn’t really feel like a different character than me, because there’s a lot of overlapping qualities between Sayaka and myself. It was natural for me to play someone so outgoing, but the job was really difficult.

Scene from Hop! Step! Jump! feat. Jun Amaki

Was it more challenging than you anticipated?

Amaki: It was my first time acting in a film, and there were a lot of technical things I felt I could have done better. Working as a gravure model, you always have to think about where the camera is, and make sure you’re aiming your performance in that direction, but as an actress, you have to forget that the camera is rolling right next to you and focus on the other person. The experience made me take my training seriously, and I’m studying acting right now. I’m taking a Meisner Technique class, and it’s helped me a lot. In the movie Iron Girl Final Wars, I played the daughter of Asuka Kirara’s character, and I was really happy with how that came out.

What kind of roles would you like to play in future?

Amaki: I’d like to play a role that’s totally opposite of me, something crazy. Maybe someday a director will create a role like that for me.

Jun Amaki Halloween 2019

Halloween is coming -— do you have any cosplay plans?

Amaki: Usually it’s something really “girly” –- I get many requests from fans, but no matter what, it has to be sexy! Maybe something made out of just yellow police tape, so I can make my own crime scene!

Jun Amaki birthday 2019

You shared your birthday party photos on Instagram — Happy birthday! What’s your goal this year?

Amaki: My plan is to keep searching for more ways to reach my international fans. I don’t speak English at all, but I love to communicate, so if I work harder at that, I can have a chance to connect with people face to face in different countries. That would make me so happy. I’m thinking about new projects, new ways to do my physical training, new acting parts to challenge myself. Some people tell me that I’ve done everything a gravure idol can accomplish, but I still want to find every way I can to express myself to the audience that’s ready to accept me. If I don’t change, if I don’t push myself, then I’ll slow down, and that’s something I never want to do.

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