BRATS release anime-style music video for Doudatte Yokatta


BRATS Doudatte Yokatta anime

Japanese rock band BRATS has released an anime-style music video for their popular song “Doudatte Yokatta”. For the new visual style, the band collaborated with Tokyo-based painter and printmaker Mao Nakada.

BRATS x Mao Nakada – Doudatte yokatta (Anime ver.)

The new video is the latest in a series of team-ups between BRATS and rising stars in the fields of art, film, and photography. Last month, the band released a new version of their ballad “Toge” shot by photographer Elena Egorova. This new selection of videos aims to give artists free reign to interpret BRATS’ music from their own unique viewpoints.

Earlier this year, BRATS released four live albums and hosted a series of “Ambitious Girls Rock” events to promote girls rock bands from across Asia, including guests from South Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan.

BRATS Doudatte Yokatta anime

BRATS x Elena Egorova – Toge

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