BABYMETAL Funko POP! Figures (Review)

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Funko POP! Figures

Review by David Cirone


When Funko announced the series of BABYMETAL POP! figures, I pre-ordered my set of 3 (honestly, who’s going to buy just 1 member?) pretty much instantly. It’s a no-brainer — the kawaii-rock princesses captured in ultra-kawaii form… “gimme choco”, indeed!

The figures make an impression, especially if you’re looking to display them at work so every other co-worker can stop by your desk and say “Oh my god! BABYMETAL! I love them!” I’ve had these on my desk for an hour and I’ve already gotten that twice, so trust me — it’s coming.

As Funko figures go, there’s a nice amount of detail. all three members have the studded silver, black, and red dresses, and Su-Metal gets silver buckles on her black boots and a pair of black wristbands. Moametal and Yuimetal get the cool fingerless gloves and silver wristbands to set them apart. Ultra-cool detail: the “fox-sign” devil horns on all three figures beg you to burst out with your best “BabyMetal Deathhhhhhhhh!”


Su-Metal’s crossed arms set her apart as the center figure in the trio, along with a single ponytail. As for Yuimetal and Moametal, it’s virtually impossible to tell them apart, and I wish there had been some more creativity applied to making each of these three members unique, instead of mirror-bookending the two younger girls. I found one slight difference in the style of ponytails (Moametal’s got sharper points on the end), but it’s not enough. Fox God does not approve.

Overall a very cool set to own, and worth snatching up while you can grab all 3 at once. aside from the Moametal/Yuimetal twin-figure complaint, only one other thing could have made this set better: matching neck braces for maximum headbanging.

Shout out to Big Bad toy Store for prompt and perfect delivery.