Mary’s Blood shred their way to Europe with special edition of FATE


Mary's Blood FATE

Japanese metal band Mary’s Blood will release a special edition of their latest album FATE in the UK and Europe on August 18 through JPU Records. The album features collaborations with some of Japan’s biggest names in metal, including two arrangements by BABYMETAL producer Yuyoyuppe (“KARATE”, “Megitsune”) and guest guitar spots from Sgt. Luke Takamura III, the former shredder of heavy metal akuma Seikima-II, and Miki*sun-go*Igarashi, guitarist of Japan’s pioneering all-girl metal band SHOW-YA.

The JPU special edition of FATE features an exclusive digipak design and includes a poster and lyric transliterations. It will be available simultaneously with the digital release of Mary’s Blood previous album Bloody Palace.

Mary's Blood FATE

Mary’s Blood
01. Counter Strike
02. Shall We Dance?
03. Angel’s Ladder
04. Nautical Star
05. Chateau de Sable
07. Self-Portrait
08. In the Rain
09. Change the Fate
10. Endless Tragedy
11. Queen of the Night