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Review by David Cirone


Whatever you thought you wanted from BiSH’s new album THE GUERRiLLA BiSH, you got it and you didn’t, and the unpredictable mix is proof-positive that BiSH is doing it right.

After a blisteringly busy year and the rocketing popularity of KILLER BiSH and their recent singles and tours, the album lays down yet another stone in the solid foundation of a group that’s built to last. THE GUERRiLLA BiSH rolls in heavy with 13 songs — hot singles, deep tracks that demand more than a few listens before they sink in, and some wild pitches that warn everybody to not take BiSH for granted. Their identity is their own.

Ballistic missile “My landscape” leads off the album, the song that made BiSH fans worldwide lose their minds a few weeks ago when they dropped the filmed-in-America music video. Powerhouse vocal performances make this a standout track, and I’m glad it was first up in the rotation, or else (honestly) I’d be more than a little distracted waiting for it.

“GiANT KiLLERS” and “Promise the Star” are also going to ring familiar — if you’re a hardcore BiSH follower, these have already been on repeat for months. “GiANT KILLERS” is still a freight train of a energy and dark intent, and “Promise the Star” is even more emotional and heartbreaking in contrast with the heavy mix of the other album tracks.

Hard-rocking songs like “SMACK baby SMACK” and “SHARR” (w/ authentic punk screaming and heavy guitar chords) cross the already fractured lines between BiSH’s split rock/idol personality, begging for mosh pits. If you’ve seen BiSH live, you know the members stomp the floor heavily enough to be their own percussion section. Picture that on your next replay, and you know what’s coming.

“Bodies”, “Here’s looking at you kid”, and “spare of despair” aren’t likely to get heavy replay, but these are the stocking stuffers that make BiSH more than a singles-factory. THE GUERiLLA BiSH makes room for individual statement, unorthdox lyrics, and some just bizarre moves that keep you guessing.

Props to BiSH for their truly guerrilla tactics, dropping the album in stores weeks ahead of its scheduled release and popping out the production of “My landscape” under the radar. True to form, no one can predict what’s coming next.