At Home Cafe (@home cafe) brings Akihabara to Arizona at Saboten Con 2019

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@home cafe’s top premium maids Hitomi, Chimu, and Mizukin brought authentic maid cafe service to Saboten Con in Arizona during 3-day event August 30 – September 2, 2019, at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix.

The Akihabara ambassadors performed a live concert and three sold-out maid cafe events for eager fans who traveled from all across the country to meet the maids in person and take special “cheki” photos together throughout the fun-filled weekend.

At the concert, Hitomi, Chimu, and Mizukin presented @home cafe’s new song “Aikome♡Forever”, which was released last month on YouTube.

@home cafe – “Aikome♡Forever” (MV)

“Aikome♡Forever” is @home cafe’s first new music video in 6 years and features 19 of the award-winning restaurant chain’s premium maids performing a special song for @home cafe’s 15th Anniversary.

The anniversary celebration also includes a new, limited edition 200-page “@home cafe 15th Anniversary Yearbook”, which was one of the many official goods which sold out during Saboten Con.

“I was so touched by the reaction from all the masters and princesses in Arizona,” said Hitomi, “and seeing all the smiles reminded me of the reasons I became a maid. I can’t wait to visit again! Moe moe kyun!”

@home cafe
Saboten Con 2019
1. Eien Meido Shugi
2. Happy Happy Morning
3. Akogare Maid Vacation
4. Secret sweet pain
5. Maiding Story
6. Aikome♡Forever
7. Eien Meido Shugi (reprise)


“@home cafe” (at-home cafe) was established in 2004 and is the longest-running food and entertainment maid cafe in Akihabara.

Led by world-famous maid Hitomi, one of the cafe’s original members and now its Chief Branding Officer, @home cafe welcomes masters and princess of all ages and nationalities to its 6 “mansions” in the center of Akihabara and to their newest location in Osaka, which opened in 2019.

@home cafe provides guests with happy, family-friendly entertainment and delicious “kawaii”-themed food and drinks as 370 of the world’s top-level maids cast a spell to make everything magical!

“Moe moe kyun” – the original “maid spell” created by Hitomi – has become famous to fans of maid cafes and Akihabara culture across the world.

Starting in 2015, @home cafe has collaborated with Sanrio characters Hello Kitty, Gudetama, Cinnamoroll, My Melody, and Pompompurin, where guests at @home cafe’s mansions can enjoy special collaboration dishes and cute, character-matching maid uniforms.

Every year, the “@home cafe maids of the year” ranking is held, where the year’s top premium maids are selected and awarded additional duties as maid culture ambassadors. @home cafe premium maids have made special appearances at international events in the United States, Chile, Mexico, Russia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, delighting masters and princesses with authentic Japanese maid culture and “moe”.

@home cafe’s goal is to serve maid culture all over the world, moving further forward each year to more countries and pop culture events!