HYDE’s new single “BELIEVING IN MYSELF” inspired by Tokyo Marathon


HYDE Believing in Myself Tokyo Marathon

HYDE will release a new digital single “BELIEVING IN MYSELF” on February 26, followed by a physical release in Japan on March 18.  A special promotional video featuring a clip of the song is now on YouTube featuring the footage from marathon.

“BELIEVING IN MYSELF” was produced specifically for the marathon following a conversation between HYDE and Tadaaki Hayano, the Race Director of Tokyo Marathon, during a special event organized by JAAF RunLink, a project of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations. HYDE confessed in the conversation that he is a “secret runner” and he had been inspired to fuse music and running by the way every runner has their own unique approach to the sport.  Hayano then commissioned HYDE to contribute a song inspired by Tokyo Marathon 2020.

HYDE Believing in Myself Tokyo Marathon

Tokyo Marathon Website: https://www.marathon.tokyo/en/
HYDE Official Website: https://www.hyde.com