3rd Stone from the Sun label returns with re-release of JinnyOops! album MOTHER SHOCK!


JinnyOops Mother Shock

Indie label 3rd Stone from the Sun returns with the digital re-release of the MOTHER SHOCK! by 3-piece girls rock band JinnyOops!

Since 2000, 3rd Stone from the Sun has been a major force in the Japanese indie scene, releasing albums by an eclectic range of artists, including THEATER BROOK, Fuyomi Abe, MAMADRIVE, the coopeez, HIGE, WRENCH, and SUPER JUNKY MONKEY.

Over the next several months, the label will launch digital releases of classic albums from its catalog, starting with the raw, ripping sound of MOTHER SHOCK! — the 2011 debut album of JinnyOops!, who went on to play Fuji Rock Festival and overseas gigs in France, Taiwan, and several tours of the U.S, including SXSW.

JinnyOops Mother Shock

Listen here: https://diskunion.lnk.to/JHCA1007

3rd Stone from the Sun’s upcoming re-releases will include:
June: tobaccojuice – Happy Birthday (2006)
July: Liquid – We are Liquid (2012)
August: MAMADRIVE – Mousou Tengoku (2012)
September: BO-PEEP – Thank You (2015)

Watch: JinnyOops! – “Shocking”

Website: https://jinny-oops.site/