XY – new boy band produced by YOSHIKI – releases debut single “Crazy Love”


XY Crazy Love

XY – the new band born from NTV and Hulu Japan’s top-rated talent competition program YOSHIKI SUPERSTAR PROJECT X – has released their debut single “Crazy Love” on digital platforms through Melodee Music / Ingrooves / Virgin Music Group (worldwide excluding Asia) and avex trax (Asia).

The track went straight to #1 on the iTunes Alternative Charts in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and hit #3 on the iTunes Japan overall chart.

Produced by YOSHIKI (leader of the rock bands X JAPAN and THE LAST ROCKSTARS), the 13 members of XY were selected from an unprecedented worldwide band & boys group audition.

The unique, multi-talented group plays several rock instruments and also dances with amazing choreography, switching back and forth between roles instantly. They perform songs in both English and Japanese.

XY “Crazy Love” teaser

XY – Debut Single “Crazy Love”
Release date: June 30, 2023
Written, Produced, and Composed by YOSHIKI

Now streaming:
Worldwide (excluding Asia): https://lnk.to/XYCrazy-Love
Asia: https://xytokyo.lnk.to/CrazyLove

XY Crazy Love Jacket

Band: Kyohey (drums), Kairi (guitar), Furutatsu (bass), Karma (vocals), Gai (vocals)
Dance/vocals: Jay, Hayato, Raia, Kice, Kanji, P→★, Mitchy, Kosei

XY consists of a five-piece band and a dance vocal group of eight from the Japanese TV talent competition program “YOSHIKI SUPERSTAR PROJECT X” produced by YOSHIKI.

XY was selected from an unprecedented worldwide band & boys group audition started in February 2022. Distinguished guest judges included Gene Simmons of KISS, soprano singer Sarah Brightman, choreographer Travis Payne (known for Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”). The program instantly became the #1 rated variety program on Hulu Japan.

Website: https://x-y.tokyo/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xy___official/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xy___official
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xy___official