YOSHIKI to produce debut song for Johnny’s group SixTONES

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Yoshiki SixTONES

YOSHIKI will produce the debut song of Johnny & Associates’ new group SixTONES, scheduled for release on January 22, 2020.

The surprise announcement was made on November 19 at the group’s concert at the Tokyo International Forum, and this will be the first time that YOSHIKI has partnered with a Johnny’s artist. YOSHIKI will compose the lyrics and music for the untitled song, which has been described as edgy and intense while also incorporating a tender and beautiful “YOSHIKI melody”.

This spring, YOSHIKI responded to the requests of the group’s producer Hideaki Takizawa, who sought the collaboration to further Takizawa’s dreams of having SixTONES perform and develop a presence overseas. YOSHIKI has recently collaborated with several international artists and projects including Gene Simmons from KISS, Roger Taylor from Queen, Marilyn Manson, Sarah Brightman, and the upcoming soundtrack for xXx 4 starring Vin Diesel.

YOSHIKI commented, “Mr. Takizawa and I first talked about this when Johnny was still alive. My schedule was so full that I thought, if I undertook this, I might cause some inconvenience down the road, so I met Mr. Takizawa with the intention of turning him down. However, I was impressed by Mr. Takizawa’s passion, and I was convinced that SixTONES was a group that had the potential to renew the image of J-Pop overseas. So I accepted the opportunity to compose and produce for this group. I talked with Mr. Takizawa about the composition and we agreed to intentionally incorporate a ‘YOSHIKI melody’. I look forward to seeing how SixTONES, who all have individual charm as well has strong singing and performance abilities, progress in the future under the guidance of Mr. Takizawa, who has great foresight. Congratulations on your debut.”

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