YOSHIKI teams with Bono, will.i.am, and Jennifer Hudson for #SING4LIFE


Yoshiki will.i.am Bono Sing4Life

will.i.am has released the uplifting track “#SING4LIFE” on his YouTube channel, created with fellow musicians Bono, Jennifer Hudson, and YOSHIKI.

#SING4LIFE” is based on a song written by Bono, who was impressed by the citizens of Italy singing together from their rooftops and balconies while isolated due to COVID-19.

#SING4LIFE – featuring Bono, will.i.am, Jennifer Hudson and Yoshiki

As soon as Bono wrote this song, he uploaded a solo version to U2’s Instagram, and collaborated with will.i.am, who turned to his longtime friends YOSHIKI and Jennifer Hudson to complete the track.

YOSHIKI accepted the offer and wrote the score immediately, completing the piano recording two hours later. “#SING4LIFE” was created by the four artists from their separate locations across the globe through their communication via internet.

will.i.am described the song’s mission on Instagram: “When you see empty streets…The empty streets shouldn’t make you feel depressed or afraid…When you see empty streets during these times, try to feel love…The empty streets is a sign that humanity is doing the right thing…”

will.i.am also thanked his collaborators: “Thank you #BONO @U2 for kicking this off and writing a beautiful song… thank you @iamjhud and @yoshikiofficial for lending your talents and massive hearts…”

YOSHIKI added his own message to fans on Instagram: “I know you are trying hard to restrain yourself to fight against this virus. I believe that your effort… everyone’s effort, will affect the entire human race. We will overcome, we can do this together. I’m praying for your health and safety.”


YOSHIKI – composer, classically-trained pianist, rock drummer, and the leader of the rock group X JAPAN – decided to stay in his Los Angeles home during the current outbreak instead of returning to Japan. He has been one of the artists on the forefront of aiding international communication about the coronavirus.

Last week, YOSHIKI hosted a conversation with Nobel Laureate Shinya Yamanaka (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and director of the Center for iPS Cell Research) to discuss worldwide health concerns. The video was streamed worldwide on Yoshiki Channel International and is available now on YouTube: https://youtu.be/yckQnJp9fp8

YOSHIKI Official Website: https://www.yoshiki.net
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yoshikiofficial

Yes there was silence
Yes there was no people here
Yes I walked through the streets of Dublin
and no-one was near

We all wait for the science
To make everything clear
Now I walk down the streets of London Town
It seems like everyone’s disappeared

Oh – No one to reach
But I can ring
You can’t touch
But you can, you can sing

Across rooftops
Sing down the phone
Sing and promise me you won’t stop
Sing your love, be known, oh –
let your love be known

Everybody talkin’ ‘bout isolation
Everybody tryin’ not to feel the fear
The times got me worried ‘bout my occupation
And I can’t buy tissue for my tears

And maybe I’ve said the wrong thing
(No you didn’t no you didn’t)
Yes I made you smile

Everybody talkin’ ‘bout social distancing
But we just wanna go in the crowd
And just dance away the pain

But you can’t touch
But you can, you can sing

Across rooftops
Sing down the phone
Sing and promise me you won’t stop
Sing and you’re never alone.

And again
Sing as an act of resistance
Sing though your heart is overthrown
When you sing there is no distance

So let your love be known, oh let your love be known
Though your heart is overthrown

Let your love be known
Oh let your love be known
Though your heart is overthrown
Let your love show