Fender to open flagship store in Tokyo this summer

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Fender Flagship Tokyo Miyavi
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Legendary guitar manufacturer Fender will open its first flagship store in Japan this summer in the heart of Tokyo’s fashion and youth culture district, Harajuku.

The expansive store is set to open on Friday, June 30, in Omotesando, Harajuku in the “Ice Cubes Building” and will encompass four floors including the basement and the first three floors of the building.

Not quite your usual music store, Fender Flagship Tokyo will include a full range of Fender products, such as guitars, basses, amps and pedals, as well as the Fender Custom Shop, also known as the “Dream Factory”, where custom orders can be placed to create the guitar you’ve always dreamed of.

Along with the massive selection of musical instruments, the shop will also include an event space that can host a variety of music related events and workshops. In addition, the store will have a coffee shop, “Fender Cafe”, for those that stayed up too late working on music and need a good pick-me-up. For the fashion lovers in Harajuku, the store is also launching its own brand new made-in-Japan fashion brand “F is For Fender” that will have urban-style designs correlating to the history of guitars in music culture.

Message from SCANDAL

To amp up the hype, Fender is presenting an ongoing countdown event which features 50 artists and guests and will have special music related Q&A videos released each day until the opening of the new store on June 30. These videos will be featured on YouTube, and on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Fender has already had appearances from a variety of Japanese artists including MIYAVI, Scandal, Jean-Ken Johnny from MAN WITH A MISSION, singer-songwriter Rei, and Luna Sea’s Inoran and J.

Message from J (Luna Sea)

This year, Fender celebrated its 77th year as a professional guitar maker. With Japan being one of Fender’s largest markets, the guitar giant has made an intelligent move with their “Fender Flagship Tokyo” store. On a recent Fender promotional tour to some of Japan’s schools, acclaimed guitarist MIYAVI commented that “[The guitar] takes us somewhere we’ve never been to, it’s like a rocket ship”. Fender’s new flagship store will bring together both beginners and expert musicians alike to immerse themselves in the world of music.

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