101A – flood floor -Lost Way- (Review)

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flood floor -Lost Way- (DVD)

Review by David Cirone

101A Flood Floor Lost Way

One of the best Japanese indie-band live DVDs in recent memory, 101A’s flood floor -Lost Way- was mixed and edited in-house by the band members Sally (video editing) and the k (sound mix). The DVD packs 24 songs into the 1-hour 45 minute show, and if you check the liner notes there’s even a few left out, like their cool cover of “Heart-Shaped Box.”

flood floor -Lost Way- has a calculated, tidal ebb-and-flow. It gets hard and heavy when noah’s ripping guitar lets loose in “Migration,” and the k taunts the crowd before launching into the dragon-crawl bass of “Serpent.”

Some of the quieter moments stand out, too. noah’s seated performance of “ghost” brings a warmth to the song significantly different than the recorded version on their latest release 4, and drummer Sally gets some nice (and rare) spotlight time on “Aerial.”

Noah’s delicate voice and small frame don’t hold her back from roughing up “moon” and “Miranda Lethal Weapon” a little bit near the end of the set, and the near-chaotic, fan-favorite “sex slave” gets two versions to finish it out.

Compilation video from flood floor -Lost Way-: