101A – Traveler in Room Zero (Review)

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Traveler in Room Zero

Review by David Cirone

101A Traveler in Room Zero

101A starts Traveler in Room Zero with the relaxed, drifting “Swallowtail,” a dreamy and restrained vocal performance from vocalist/guitarist noah. It’s a familiar vibe, but things get more original and heavier in follow-ups “Forbidden Sky” and “Life,” and these are the type of tracks where 101A really hits their sweet spot — When bassist The K lays his foot down on those lower notes, 101A makes dark magic.

The band cuts loose on “Tower of Babel” and “da Vinci” — pop your headphones in and you’ll get a real taste for 101A’s power live on stage. There’s no flash to 101A’s style. In fact, they’re guilty of being reclusive and mysterious to a fault, bur when they speak up, they rock hard. The trick is, they don’t want you to know what’s coming, and double-length title track “Traveler in Room Zero” is unpredictable an equal parts ethereal and dangerous.