HKT48 – Chameleon Joshikousei (MV)

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HKT48, the Fukuoka-based sister group of AKB48, has released a series of music videos from their new single “12 Byou”. Haruka Wakatabe takes the center for the first time in “Chameleon Joshikosuei” (“Chameleon High School Girls”). The coupling song for “12 Byou” is a lively, rock-infused dance tune performed by HKT48’s Team H.

The video also features members including Haruka Kodama, Meru Tashima, Nako Yabuki, Miku Tanaka and HKT48 theater manager Rino Sashihara. Other coupling videos released with “12 Byou” (“12 Seconds”) include “Hawaii e Ikou” and “Hohoemi Popcorn”.


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