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Anna Tsuchiya
Interview by Jen Wang
June 2, 2015


In April, actress and singer Anna Tsuchiya held her first full-length U.S. concert at Anime Matsuri in Houston, Texas. She treated fans to both old favorites like “Slap that Naughty Body” and “rose” from the NANA anime and more recent numbers, including her latest single “LUCIFER”. NekoPOP spoke to her about the experience, fun times with her band, and her future plans.

How did you feel going into your first full-length concert in America?

Anna Tsuchiya: I have always wanted to do a full-length concert in America. I was so excited to go out and give my best performance.

Did singing English lyrics feel different with the knowledge that your audience understands every word?

Anna Tsuchiya: It didn’t feel different particularly. It really just felt the same as singing Japanese lyrics in Japan.

What inspired you to cover “Staying Alive”?

Anna Tsuchiya: My mother loved the Bee Gees, and I listened to their music because of her. This was my favorite song, so I decided to cover it.

You had some great dance moves. Have you had any training?

Anna Tsuchiya: I didn’t have any special training for “live choreography.” But I’ve always loved to be physically active, and I always exercise in daily life. Also, I’ve been into ballet lessons and I go 3 times a week, so that might have helped.

When you put on the fan’s “yankii” jacket, how did you feel revisiting a character (Ichiko from Kamikaze Girls) whom you played over 10 years ago?

Anna Tsuchiya: I was genuinely happy! I hope to create more long-loved works that will stay in fans’ hearts after ten years.

What made you choose more upbeat songs for your set?

Anna Tsuchiya: Since this was an event, I wanted to have fun and get excited with everyone. Also I made this set list mainly with my songs that overseas fans know (NANA‘s theme songs and the latest single “LUCIFER”).


I noticed the great camaraderie between you and your band. How did you meet?

Anna Tsuchiya: I think my songs lead me to them. Because we’ve bonded so tightly, we can create that special groove. I want to continue to cherish playing with them.

Do you have any fun stories about traveling with an all-male band?

Anna Tsuchiya: One of the members with tattoos all over his body was stopped at the immigration check, and he was in a panic like I’d never seen him before. He was surprised. [laughs] I can’t forget his rattled expression when he came out later!

Aside from the concert, what was a highlight of your first time in Texas?

Anna Tsuchiya: On our last day, we all went to a shopping mall. It was a really big shopping mall, and it was fun! And I couldn’t go, but the band members all went to NASA and they were excited.

What’s next for you?

Anna Tsuchiya: I want to create a new song right away! And I want to have more live shows overseas, not only in Japan! I will keep singing good songs so please support me.

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