VAMPS – The Roxy Theater 2015 (Live Report)

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The Roxy Theater, October 5, 2015
Concert review by Nhu Nguyen

Photos by Emi Nguyen (


“How bad do you want us!?” HYDE yelled to the crowd. They were thirsty, judging by the never-ending screams that lasted throughout the entire show at L.A.’s famed Roxy Theater. VAMPS’ opening stint for SIXX:A.M earlier in spring was clearly just a tease, and the band released a firestorm of heat and sex on their fans, opening with hard-rocking hits “WORLD’S END” and “REPLAY”.


Vocalist HYDE brought the crowd deeper into the night’s dark journey by loudly proclaiming “I’m damned!” After “Damned”, the energy continued to mount with the sinister electronic introduction of “Evil” and K.A.Z’s driving guitar, “Growing inside, your desire to kill/ There’s no turning back/ Come to hell with me!” In keeping with the vampire theme of the band, “Bloodsuckers” made a strong impact as the stage flooded in red and HYDE’s deeply concentrating eyes pierced out into the venue.


Keyboardist Jin’s beautiful piano piece before “Vampire’s Love” was memorable, along with bassist Ju-Ken’s colorful stage presence, and Arimatsu’s strong drumming.

Fans played an integral part in building up the energy. Right after the main set ended, instead of the usual chants of “encore,” people chanted “Bang on stomp everybody!” HYDE came out waving a VAMPS flag attached to a mic stand, leading people to “Rise up in revolution yeah!” People usually dread Mondays, but this Monday night, VAMPS gave life.


Set list
1. World’s End
2. Lips
3. Live Wire
4. Replay
5. Get Away
6. Damned
7. Evil
8. Vampire’s Love
9. Zero
10. Angel Trip
11. Love Addict
12. Bloodsuckers
13. Midnight Celebration
14. Revolution
15. Sweet Dreams
16. Devil Side
17. Sex Blood Rock n’ Roll

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