FATE GEAR – OZ -Rebellion- (Review)

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OZ -Rebellion-

Review by Aleksey Chernoyarov


At the beginning there were only two people in this band. Nico (vocalist) and Mina (guitarist). But even two women can create a wonderful album (A Light in the Black). Since then, the number of band members has increased (now there are five women) and they all recorded a new album together.

Fate Gear represents Steampunk, but that does not mean that they play punk rock. This means that they use steampunk style and play music that would suit a fairy tale — in their songs they paint a fantastic world.

Noah’s Ark -The End of Darkness-
The short instrumental track is an intro for the story, something to prepare us for the adventure.

New Gate
Fate Gear’s vocalist is perfect for fantasy stories that the band tells. This song has a very interesting structure and interesting solo part with a magical sound.

A solid groove, heavy and steep. Good vocal and strong riffs. Excellent chorus with a little dirty guitar sound after the chorus. A voice like a fairy whisper lullaby. It’s an amazing song.

Queen of the War
Military-sounding heavy metal. You can imagine Vikings or Amazons or some magical creatures journeying through this fantastic world. The folk instruments are an exotic touch, too.

Architecture Slave -Dictator-
Heavy metal in full force. Classic and cool riffs with epic vocals.

Good Old Days
Marching drums topped with a classic jazz solo and classic jazz bass. The perfect club mis cfor this steampunk world.

The Truth of This World – I Am…
Short and delightful; instrumental track gives us a little rest.


Scars in my Life
Great metal riffs and fast drums. Really cool intro, amazing and epic chorus, epic guitar solo, epic keyboard solo.

Farewell -Hono No Hanamuke-
Symphonic guitars and heavy organ set the stage for an fantastical finale.

A sweet. smooth, flowing lullaby song. Beautiful vocals and piano.

Ray -Over the Rainbow-
Romantic, beautiful finale brings a diverse and satisfying conclusion to the journey.