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AFTER LIGHT (single)
Review by Michelle Minikhiem


The latest from HYDE is a nu-metal tune that rolls like thunder. Lyrically, “AFTER LIGHT” is a call to action. It demands that the listener “destroy” and “rebuild”, but what it is that needs tearing down is kept vague. Maybe that was intentional. Maybe it’s up to the listener to decide. HYDE’s gravelly vocals sound incensed, adding rawness to the passionate lyrics.

“KISS OF DEATH” is a great b-side. Originally written by HYDE for Mika Nakashima, it has been rearranged with just a hint of harder rock rather than being a simple rerecording of the first arrangement. It’s romantic, and is the perfect song to balance out the hard-and-heavy title track of the single. HYDE delivers a fantastic vocal performance here, sounding almost tearful at times. The original was underwhelming. This is not.

Checking out HYDE’s music has never been easier with his Spotify campaign going on right now, so do it now. More great stuff is probably right around the corner.

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