Hiroshi Kitadani – Interview (2018)

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Hiroshi Kitadani
Interview by VampyBitMe
December 18, 2018

Hiroshi Kitadani - Interview (2018)

VampyBitMe: Every time we see you on stage or in music videos, you’re such a passionate artist and performer. What drives you to keep going full-force? How do you keep so energized and focused?

Kitadani: It’s the power of the song itself, that’s what really fuels my passion. And then when the audience is added on top of that, it turns into “stage magic”. The energy comes straight at me from the people in the audience, and then I want to give it back even more.

VampyBitMe: It’s like an energy exchange.

Kitadani: Yes! Exchanging the energy between me and the audience, that’s where all the power comes from.

VampyBitMe: The One Piece anime shaped my childhood, so I’ve been hearing your voice most of my life! The theme song has become such a big inspiration to me and so many other fans across the world. When did you realize that One Piece and “We Are!” were going to be this big?

Kitadani: I never could have imagined they would become this big, and when I finally realized how popular the anime and the theme song were, it was really amazing. Now it’s fun to see how fans react from different places in the world – I see the comments on YouTube and places like that, and it’s really cool.

VampyBitMe: You use so many strong, dramatic movements in your performances, just like the anime characters! Do you ever feel like you’re becoming a different character on stage? How do you prepare yourself for all this activity?

Kitadani: When I’m on stage, I feel an explosion of energy from the audience, so what I feel and do on stage is totally different than who I can be off stage, because I can only achieve that extreme level when I’m together with all those fans. And maybe it’s because of age a little, too. But I started working out seriously two years ago, and I feel stronger. My movements on stage are easier on my body than before, and I have more energy. I can project my voice so much easier, and now it’s more fun. Plus, I’ve lost 10 kilos! I put pressure on myself, but it’s positive pressure, and I feel like I’m functioning better all around.

Hiroshi Kitadani - Interview (2018)

VampyBitMe: You work in the world of anime, but you’re also a big fan. What are some anime titles you grew up with that had a big impact on you in your childhood?

Kitadani: I’ve always been a big fan of mecha anime, and pro wrestling, too. I really liked the Tiger Mask manga. When I was in junior high, they created an anime, and then when I saw there was a Tiger Mask person wrestling for real, it got me even more excited!

VampyBitMe: Food is another passion of yours. All the dishes you share on your social media make me really hungry! Do you consider yourself a “Foodie”? What’s the ingredient that’s special to you, that’s a “must” in your cooking?

Kitadani: Cooking has become a really important hobby for me, and the photos I put on Twitter are the foods I definitely feel I can’t live without. Every day, first thing in the morning, I make the stock for miso soup. That’s the most vital ingredient. I have to have it every day, and it makes me feel good before I start working or doing anything at all.

VampyBitMe: In addition to your powerful voice, you put a lot of effort into your fashion and hairstyle. What inspires your style?

Kitadani: Style is important to me, it’s an extension of who I am. I want to make red my trademark, like when you see the color red… I want you to say “That’s KITADANI!” To tell the truth, I tried out a few different colors before, but this is the right fit. This is the real me.

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