Sawa Angstrom beguiles with DdTPt



Electronic music trio Sawa Angstrom has released a five-song EP, DdTPt,  full of charmingly old-school bleeps and minimalist-yet-innovative beats. Based in Kyoto, the group is made up of vocalists Marina Kodama and Satoshi Yoshioka (who also acts as the group’s engineer), as well as Jun Hamada. In keeping with their less-is-more style, the band has performed in Japan and Europe in such unique venues such as youth hostels, art galleries, and beer halls.


The video for “tape loop,” directed by Hamada, depicts Kodama floating alone in space amidst beautiful-yet-disorienting bursts of light and evokes an ambivalent feeling about her fate similar to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”

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