Chiyoco releases debut EP Kokorone and talks uplifting music for hard times


Chiyoco Kokorone

Singer-songwriter, DJ, and producer chiyoco has released her debut EP Kokorone, a luminous, genre-bending mini-album that weaves together the sounds of Japan’s Shibuya-kei movement, City Pop, electrodisco, modern electronic beats, and the artist’s unique and enchanting vocal style.

chiyoco, based in Los Angeles and originally from Japan, says “Kokorone means ‘the sound of our hearts, and honesty to our own heart’. I wanted to communicate our connections despite our current troubles, focusing on what we can do, and encouraging and supporting each other.”

“I personally challenged myself in writing melodies, using other instruments, chord progressions, recording piano, and increasing my singing range –- the things I had felt challenged by –- and discovered new things I could do.”

Chiyoco Kokorone

chiyoco emphasizes the importance of live performers in the studio as well, collaborating with producer Tommy Pedrini and session musicians Misaki Ina (vocalist) and Michaela Nachtigall (violinist) on the EP.

As a vocalist, pianist, and composer, chiyoco previously collaborated with Mint Potion Studios on the soundtrack for WayForward’s Vitamin Connection for the Nintendo Switch. She has also lent her vocals to the scores for popular TV shows like Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart, and OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes.

chiyoco also deejays and broadcasts as part of the Tune in Tokyo collective, sharing J-pop with American audiences. She released her debut double-single “Yamanai Oto / UNSTOPPABLE” earlier this year.

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