Singer-songwriter Mari Iijima releases new EP “Honto No Ai”


Mari Iijima

“Now that the world is uncertain due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to release a work that gently heals everyone’s weariness,” comments singer-songwriter Mari Iijima. Aiming to help listeners find serenity, her new EP “Honto No Ai”, is now available on multiple platforms, featuring four new tracks.

“My concept for this particular CD is for people to listen to the four tracks as a set – if you play from the beginning to the end, I feel your heart finds a landing spot.”

Iijima, based in Los Angeles since 1989, debuted in Japan in 1983 with the album Rosé (produced by pioneering Alt-Pop legend Ryuichi Sakamoto). She skyrocketed to fame starring as Lynn Minmay in the seminal anime series Super Dimension Fortress Macross, and her catalog includes hits such as “Do You Remember Love?” and “1 Gram of Happiness”. She has released numerous albums and founded her own label MARIMUSIC in 1999. Iijima has performed frequently throughout the U.S., Latin America, and Asia.

The new EP features the songs “Honto No Ai”, “Just Once” (a cover of the James Ingram classic), the dreamy instrumental “Clockwork Ballerina” and the closing track “Tomei na Kaze”, which seeks hope amid today’s challenges. “I hope my music could ease people’s mind in some ways in this challenging time,” Mari says, echoing her message of encouragement.

Mari Iijima

Honto No Ai is available on Spotify, iTunes, and as a physical release CD through various retailers, including Iijima’s official website

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