Maaya Sakamoto to sing opening theme for new anime series Deaimon

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Maaya Sakamoto Sumire Deaimon

Japanese singer and voice actress Maaya Sakamoto will sing the opening theme for the upcoming anime series Deaimon, a story set in an old confectionery store in Kyoto. The lyrics for the song, titled “Sumire”, were written by Sakamoto, with composition by Shigeru Kishida of Kyoto-based rock band Kururi.

Sakamoto will also be voicing the character of Mari Yukihira, the mother of the anime’s heroine, Itsuka Yukihira.

Maaya Sakamoto Sumire Deaimon

“Sumire (violets) are a common flower in everyday life,” said Sakamoto, “and you can even find them growing in gaps in concrete. They’re so small that you might overlook them, but they are actually very powerful and huddle together to bloom. I chose this title due to the characteristics that these flowers share with people. I’m delighted to have another precious song that I can continue singing into the future.”