Mondo Grosso teams with Asuka Saito (Nogizaka46) for Stranger MV


Mondo Grosso Asuka Saito Stranger

MONDO GROSSO, the solo project of Japanese musician Shinichi Osawa, returns with his new album BIG WORLD. Released digitally on February 8, the album features several high-profile collaborations, including Ryuichi Sakamoto, Hikari Mitsushima, Mika Nakashima, Takao Tajima (Original Love), Yoshie Nakano (EGO WRAPPIN’), Asuka Saito (Nogizaka46), suis (Yorushika), PORIN (Awesome City Club), CHAI, DONGURIZU, ermhoi (Black Boboi/millennium parade) and RHYME.

Osaka worked with Asuka Saito of Nogizaka46 to create the song and music video for “Stranger”. Saito commented, “The last time we collaborated was such a wonderful experience, but I didn’t expect to have the chance to work together again. ‘Stranger’ has a shoegaze sound that is different from our previous song together, ‘Wakusei Tantra’, but I loved it from the first time I heard it, and the lyrics written by Osawa-san were easy to relate to and easy to sing. Between the song and the music video, I got to show a different side of myself than in Nogizaka46, and I’m excited to see how listeners react.”

MONDO GROSSO – STRANGER (feat. Asuka Saito from Nogizaka46)

BIG WORLD now streaming on digital platforms worldwide:

About the new album BIG WORLD, Osawa comments:
“The background and the process of producing the album BIG WORLD have become an important part of my life as a musician. I can’t even imagine where I will go from here, but I have no doubt this will be the starting point for my ‘next journey’. To everyone who was involved in making this album and to everyone who will listen to it: Thank you.”

MONDO GROSSO – BIG WORLD special site:

Mondo Grosso Big World
Track list
2. IN THIS WORLD feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto (Vocals: Hikari Mitsushima)
3. FORGOTTEN (Vocals: ermhoi [Black Boboi/millennium parade])
4. B.S.M.F (Vocals: DONGURIZU)
5. OH NO! (Vocals: CHAI)
6. LAST HEART (Vocals: suis [Yorushika])
7. STRANGER (Vocals: Asuka Saito [Nogizaka46])
8. LOST PEOPLE (Vocals: Yoshie Nakano [EGO WRAPPIN’])
9. ILLUSORY REFLECTION (Vocals:Takao Tajima [Original Love])
10. CRYPT (Vocals: PORIN [Awesome City Club])
11. OVERFLOWING (Vocals: Mika Nakashima)
12. BIG WORLD (Vocals: RHYME)

1. IN THIS WORLD feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto (Vocals: Hikari Mitsushima) music video
2. STRANGER (Vocals: Asuka Saito [Nogizaka46]) music video
3. FORGOTTEN (Vocals: ermhoi [Black Boboi/millennium parade]) music video