LUNA SEA announces re-recorded versions of MOTHER and STYLE


Luna Sea Mother Style 2023

Renowned rock band LUNA SEA will release re-recorded versions of two of their most distinguished albums, MOTHER and STYLE, on November 29.

Nearly 20 years have passed since the initial releases of MOTHER and STYLE, and LUNA SEA has re-envisioned the celebrated albums with the support of Grammy Award winning producer Steve Lillywhite, known for his work with several popular artists including The Killers, U2, and Talking Heads.

Luna Sea Mother Style 2023

MOTHER, which was first released in 1994, proved to be a turning point in LUNA SEA’s career as the band embarked in a new artistic direction that transformed their music and expanded their fan base. Songs such as “LOVELESS”, “ROSIER”, and “TRUE BLUE” solidified the band’s position as one of Japan’s most prominent rock bands, with “TRUE BLUE” hitting the top of the Oricon Singles Chart.

Luna Sea Mother Style 2023

Initially released in 1996, STYLE further evolved LUNA SEA’s music and presented fans with a more mainstream sound. STYLE sold over 400,000 copies in the first year, earning Platinum certification from the RIAJ, and ultimately soared to number one on the Oricon Albums Chart, a first for the band.

Luna Sea Mother Style 2023

To commemorate the upcoming re-recorded release of the two albums, LUNA SEA launched a nationwide tour titled “LUNA SEA DUAL ARENA TOUR 2023” which began in October of this year and will continue until the end of December, including set lists made up primarily from the upcoming albums. Tickets are currently on sale, so if you’re in Japan, make sure to catch these spectacular shows!

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