BO-PEEP – VIBE (Review)

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Review by David Cirone


BO-PEEP’s garage-punk, bare-knuckle style returns in full force with VIBE, the all-girl trio’s follow-up to last year’s SICK ORANGE TELEVISION. The 7-song album clocks in at just over 25 minutes, and while it feels like it’s over way too fast, I’ll give credit to the band for not cluttering up the time with any filler.

Mika’s signature high-pitched vocals and rhythm-chord guitar dominate VIBE, especially on lead track “Power”. That’s not to say the album doesn’t have variety — Ryoko’s drums and Junko’s bass virtually kidnap the album on middle tracks “She” and “Level 3”, demonstrating the synchronicity that’s been the backbone of their live shows for nearly ten years.

Don’t let VIBE’s kiddie-pool cover image fool you — that’s not just some sweet girl taking a relaxing moment to daydream; three hard-rocking girls from Fukuoka very likely stuck her in there by force, just inches away from a last gasp.

BO-PEEP holds no soft spot for sweetness. If you’re lucky enough to experience BO-PEEP’s live show, you’ll see all the screaming and kicking (and drinking) for yourself. This is still the Japanese punk band most lilkely to win a bar fight.

Recommended tracks: Power, Level 3, Try, Try, Try

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VIBE - Bo-Peep
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