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BO-PEEP’s latest CD THANK YOU opens with rocket-fueled, fast-paced guitar fury from Mika Yoshimura in “Hello”. Mika’s shrill vocals push you off balance, but that’s the point. BO-PEEP is unapologetically and unrelentingly on the offensive. Ryoko Nakano’s thundering drums are equally strong, and after more than decade of recording and performing (yes, it’s been a long time since 2010’s VIBE), BO-PEEP is still delivering authentic garage punk with all its rough edges and power.

“Let’s Go Bananas” isn’t so much a crazy romp as the title implies, but rather subtly dangerous in tone, dominated by a thick bass line and Ryoko’s escalating drums. Powder keg number “Rise Up”, Mika’s raging vocals in “Boring Life”, and flaming-hot closer “You & I” are all heavy-hitting tracks with solid moments of pure jamming, destined for live performance.

THANK YOU benefits from clean, spare production, but doesn’t hide behind heavily-layered studio polish. This is the same sound you’ll hear at their live shows, and if you haven’t seen BO-PEEP on stage, tack it on to your bucket list. While you’re waiting for that day, blast this album during your next drive or workout, and you’ll say “thank you” right back.


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photo credit: Kikuna Mishima