J-Rock Reviews


Review by David Cirone


DAZZLE VISION’s previous album SHOCKING LOUD VOICE showcased the the band’s heavy-duty screamo side, and EVOLUTION continues the push in that direction. Vocalist Maiko attacks title track “EVOLUTION” like a wild beast, and across all 3 tracks, it’s apparent that the band is testing themselves and their fans: How heavy can they go?

Inspired by Maiko’s UTAU alter-ego, there are a lot of production effects on top of her vocals in this 3-track EP release, merging her shouts into savage cybernetic howls. (Maiko the Terminator?) John’s guitar work, especially on “Dilemma,” is sharp and unique. On SLV he added his own stamp to DAZZLE VISION’s previous work, but it’s cool to hear him play a set of all-new songs.

“OVER” is the best track to catch DAZZLE VISION’s fantastic bass and drums. It’s also got a great guitar solo from John and Maiko’s harshest vocal performance, where she shreds any hope of ex-lover reconciliation: “It doesn’t have to be you! So many others to take your place!”

EVOLUTION is DAZZLE VISION going to a darker place, and definitely picking up speed.