SpecialThanks – Campanula e.p. (Review)

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Campanula e.p.

Review by David Cirone


SpecialThanks 5-song ep “Campanula e.p.” is a fun, 14-minute treat to hold fans over between albums. Their first outing as a 3-piece with new drummer Junpei, SpecialThanks is experimenting with new sounds while still finding their footing with the current lineup.

The driving beat of “For” is a return to familiar vocal territory, but it feels like it’s just getting started when the song abruptly ends at the 2 min mark. “I MY ME MINE” is a gem of a song. It’s catchy and fits just right as the successor to Seven Lovers. It’s a nice surprise to hear vocalist Misaki sprinkle some Japanese lyrics inside her usual English.

The band hits the gas on “You can meet him LOVESUNDAY,” and “were humming” ends the short set with cool self-harmony and low-chord guitar riffs. There’s an encore of sorts with the just-over-90-seconds acoustic “Wonderful Way.” The song ties up the release with an intimate feel, like you’re sharing a beat cafe moment with SpecialThanks.

Campanula - EP - SpecialThanks
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