Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6 – HALLOWEEN ADDICTION (Review)

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Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6

Review by David Cirone


As much as I loved “I’m Your Devil (Halloween Remix)” from Tommy’s 2012 release, February and Heavenly, this collection of Halloween-theme-related songs and skits is a sequel that just didn’t need to happen.

HALLOWEEN ADDICTION is a mess, and the expanded narrative presence of Tommy’s backup band takes her Anglophile fetish too far. Aside from bad acting, these guys don’t deserve the spotlight. I’d much rather hear Tommy tell her magical tale instead of a stiffly-performed English voiceover.

“The Story of the Shadow/Light Princess Twins” caught my attention as a creative telling of the dual-Tommy origin, but the single “Never Ending Party Night” is an easy retread of riffs we’ve heard before, and “Lollipop Candy BAD Girl” is regrettably forgettable.

Back to “I’m Your Devil” — still epic. The 10-minute song hasn’t lost any of its stellar impact, but for some reason it’s divided into 6 parts on the track list, giving a chapter stop to each of the voice-over elements. Smart move to put it last on the EP, because the 2 other songs don’t measure up. This release is solely for the Tommy collector.

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