Yoko Yazawa and The Plasmars – ROUTE 405 (Review)

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Yoko Yazawa and The Plasmars

Review by David Cirone


Yoko Yazawa isn’t pretending — she’s 100% rock and her authenticity in this 5-song EP is really magnetic. Opening track “ROSY” has a catchy chorus and rapid, confident vocals. The band mix is excellent, and you get the feeling you’re in the studio with these guys as they jam this number in a single take.

“Bye Bye Boy” is a fun, punch-in-the-face break-up song, and packs a great guitar solo in for good measure. “Merry Go Round” goes little bit softer and sprinkles in some ska guitar.

Yazawa’s cover of Suzy Quatro’s “The Wild One” is spot-on, and she tears through it like a hungry she-wolf. When Yazawa belts out, “I’m a red-hot fox, I can take the knocks // I’m a hammer from hell, honey can’t you tell?” she puts her whole heart into it, and she’s earned it. The song has just the right balance of 70s retro without any extra effects, and I’m dying to see this one live on stage.

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