Bloody Monday – Episode 8 (Review)

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Bloody Monday
Episode 8

Review by David Cirone

Blood Monday Takeru Satoh

Falcon isn’t safe for long, and the terrorists find his hiding spot in the school darkroom. The terrorists shuffle Falcon and his friends into an empty classroom (it’s Saturday) for a special lesson. J says “hi” via webcam and reveals that all the kids are infected with Bloody X. He’ll give over the antidote if THIRD-i releases their leader from prison.

Negotiations get complicated when everyone finds out that Otoya is the grandson of the Minister of Justice. Kawamura wants to hold out and bargain some more, trying to prove his leadership strength. But Kirishima and his loyal squad make a secret plan to smuggle the anti-virus into the school.

Blood Monday Japanese Drama

The terrorists aren’t going to wait around any longer, and they flood the prison with a vaporized version of Bloody X, wiping out the guards and freeing their leader. Kawamura watches helplessly as the exchange goes bad, while Kano and Kirishima track down the police traitor responsible for framing Falcon.

At the school, Otoya overpowers the terrorists and grabs a gun. He starts blasting, buying the kids some time to get to safety and swallow the anti-virus. But the treatment comes too late for Hide, the young club photographer, and he dies in front of his friends.

Blood Monday Japanese Drama

Cut off from the school’s wi-fi, Falcon gains access to the web simply by plugging his laptop into a wall outlet. If someone could teach me how to do that at the airport, I could save a lot of money.

Getting ready for anti-virus exchange, Maya and J take a moment to debate appropriate fashion for the event.