Dream and E-girls – Move It! (MV)


Dream and E-girls – Move It! (MV)
By DJ Greg Hignight (Tune in Tokyo)

E-girls stuns with their new music video for “Move It!”, spotlighting subgroup Dream. The lavish electropop anthem features Dream’s four members, Aya Takamoto, Shizuka Nishida, Ami Nakashima and Erie Abe on lead vocals, backed by the other members of the collective megagroup that also includes Happiness, Flower, Bunny and EGD.


Dream debuted in 2000, and scored hits with “Movin’ On” and “My Will” — the first ending theme to the popular anime series Inuyasha, which ignited their worldwide fandom. The current generation of Dream became part of E-girls in 2011.


“Move It!” will be featured on E-girls forthcoming album “E.G. Time”. coming in January 2015.

Official E-girls website: http://e-girls-ldh.jp
Official Dream website: http://dream-ldh.jp