Tadanobu Asano to star with Jared Leto in Netflix film The Outsider


Tadanobu Asano The Outsider

Netflix has released the trailer for their latest original film The Outsider, starring Jared Leto as an American ex-soldier in post-WWII Japan looking to earn a place in the yakuza underworld. Tadanobu Asano (know to Western audiences for his roles in Thor and 47 Ronin, but unforgettable in classics like Ichi The Killer and Zatoichi) co-stars as Leto’s link to the underworld after they form a friendship in prison.

The Outsider also features a serious list of Japanese supporting actors, including Kippei Shiina, Nao Omori, Min Tanaka, and Shiori Kutsuna. Premiering on Netflix March 9.

Watch on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80152434