Mika Nakashima to release new album Joker in October


Mika Nakashima Joker

Mika Nakashima has announced the release of her new album Joker, the singer’s first album of new material since 2017’s Tough.

Due for release october 7, 2020, the album features superstar collaborations between Nakashima and HYDE (for the Darling in the Franxx theme “KISS OF DEATH”) and MIYAVI (for Nakashima’s role in the Innocent musical), plus tie-in songs from commercials and the Netflix drama series Followers.

The limited edition CD/DVD comes with a photo booklet and music videos for “A or B”, “KISS OF DEATH”, “Innocent Rouge”, “Nocturne”, “Justice”, and her acoustic performance, “Mika Nakashima Special Studio Live”.

Mika Nakashima Joker

Track List
1. Nocturne
2. A or B
3. KISS OF DEATH (from the anime Darling in the Franxx – produced by HYDE)
4. Good Bye
5. DESIRE (Netflix drama Followers)
6. So What
7. Justice (Marie starring Mika Nakashima) (Innocent musical)
8. Mukunarumono (Marie starring Mika Nakashima) (Innocent musical)
9. Happy Life (Mika Nakashima x Salyu)
11. innocent (Netflix drama Followers)
12. Domino
13. Yoru ga Akeru Mae ni (from the KTS drama Maeda Masana – Ryuma ga Takushita Otoko)
14. Niji ga Detara Kimi ni Ai ni

1. A or B (music video)
2. KISS OF DEATH (Produced by HYDE) (music video)
3. Innocent Rouge (music video)
4. Nocturne (music video)
5. Justice (music video)
6. Innocent (Special Studio Live)
7. KISS OF DEATH (Produced by HYDE) (Special Studio Live)
8. Nocturne (Special Studio Live)
9. A or B (Special Studio Live)

Mika Nakashima Joker photo booklet

Mika Nakashima Joker photo booklet

Mika Nakashima – Innocent Rouge (MV)

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Joker / Mika Nakashima
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