French luxury brand Baccarat selects YOSHIKI to design Harcourt Glass

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Yoshiki Baccarat

1841-2021. From the top of its hexagonal foot and its triple-buttoned leg, the Harcourt glass celebrates its 180th anniversary this year. Born under Louis-Philippe, it has survived almost two centuries without losing its crystalline aura. Featured on the tables of all epicureans, the Harcourt glass is a timeless but contemporary piece, with around 20,000 sold each year.

To celebrate this anniversary in style, Baccarat has selected Yoshiki to use his creativity and infuse his universe into this legendary Harcourt glass. The one-of-a-kind piece will be debuted at Paris Fashion Week.

See the glass in the following video:

“I’m honored to have been selected by Baccarat to blend my world, with theirs, to celebrate the legacy of the iconic Harcourt glass” shares Yoshiki.

One day a pianist for the Emperor of Japan and the next a rock star and a fashion designer for Yoshikimono, his own contemporary kimonos brand launched 10 years ago, Yoshiki mirrored his own duality in his creations.

From the front, the glass seems to be on fire, while from above, a poisonous flower seems to bloom in shades of red, a color dear to both Baccarat and Yoshiki. A unique creation representing the relationship between East and West.

In addition to his recent collaborations with the likes of Baccarat and Disney+ for his “My Music Story” documentary, Yoshiki is currently working on new music releases. Fans can expect an exciting announcement on this later this year.