Marvel announces Peach Momoko series of Star Wars covers for Women’s History Month


Peach Momoko Star Wars High Republic Blade

Peach Momoko will drop a series of 11 covers spotlighting the women of the Star Wars universe for Marvel’s Women’s History Month celebration this March.

Momoko will provide her interpretations of key figures from the film and comic stories like Princess Leia, Khel Tanna, Amilyn Holdo, and Barash Silvain.

“It’s an honor to be working on so many covers for the Star Wars world,” Momoko said. “I love all the characters I got to draw. They each have their own uniqueness and strength that I admire.”

Peach Momoko Star Wars

Peach Momoko Star Wars

The variant covers will feature:

Amilyn Holdo, Resistance leader known for her brave sacrifice in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Barash Silvain, gifted Jedi gifted Jedi whose name is forever linked the “Barash Vow” and whose story is currently being told in Star Wars: The High Republic – The Blade

Chanath Cha, deadly bounty hunter who’s currently targeting Darth Vader in Star Wars: Hidden Empire

Domina Tagge, proud head of the Tagge family who recently sought revenge against Doctor Aphra in the pages of her ongoing solo series

Gheyr, a young Jedi padawan debuting in Star Wars: Yoda #4

Grammy Starros, matriarch of the Starros clan who will make her first appearance in this month’s Star Wars: Sana Starros #1

Khel Tanna, scoundrel employed by Jabba the Hutt currently teaming up with Han Solo in the Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca series

Leia Organa, the groundbreaking icon is depicted in the Boussh disguise she used to infiltrate Jabba’s Palace in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Matthea Calthey, a Jedi Padawan helping Vildar Mac in the pages of Star Wars: The High Republic

Nakano Lash, a Nautolan bounty hunter who once mentored Beilert Valance and recently resurfaced in the pages of Star Wars: Bounty Hunters

Sabé, loyal handmaiden of Padmé Amidala and currently in an uneasy alliance with Darth Vader in the pages of his ongoing solo series

Peach Momoko Star Wars

Peach Momoko Star Wars

Peach Momoko Star Wars

Peach Momoko Star Wars