X Japan releases “Angel” – first new single in eight years


X Japan Angel
Photo by YOSHIKI

X Japan has released their first new single in eight years, “Angel” – with music and lyrics by X Japan leader YOSHIKI.

“Angel” debuted #1 across five iTunes charts, #2 on two more and top twenty on many others. The song charted #1 on Japan Rock Chart and Japan All Genres Chart, Macao All Genres Chart, Norway Rock Chart, and Taiwan All Genres Chart; #2 on Hong Kong All Genres Chart, and Netherlands Rock Chart; #3 on France Rock Chart, and Rock Charts in Mexico (#8), Germany (#13), UK (#14), Italy (#16), and US (#77) respectively.


Recently, X Japan became the center of controversy when Elon Musk announced he was rebranding Japanese Twitter as “X Japan”, causing fans across the globe to respond in support of the band’s trademark and supporting them as the country’s only true “X Japan”.

X Japan Angel

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